January 22, 2019


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Spotlight School – South Lake Elementary

At Audio Enhancement, we value our relationships with educators. We also strive to develop solutions that can resolve the challenges that schools face on a daily basis. That is why we’re thrilled to hear of success stories like South Lake Elementary School in Florida.

South Lake Elementary serves students in Brevard County Public Schools. After closing its doors in 2013, the school district recently renovated it. In August 2018, the school reopened as a choice school focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). Part of that renovation included the installation of Audio Enhancement’s EPIC System™, an intercom, paging, and bells system, and Classroom Audio Systems.

Jennifer Brockwell, South Lake’s principal, has worked in education for 15 years. Her experience in education, especially as an administrator, has shown her some of the major difficulties educators face when managing their school’s communication systems. Changing bell schedules generally requires a work order or is a complicated process. Staff often resort to walking messages to classrooms when the paging system isn’t working properly. In emergency situations, communication can break down and precious time can be lost.  

EPIC System

In an attempt to minimize or eliminate these difficulties, Ms. Brockwell decided to order EPIC System. Her hopes included a user-friendly program that would give her control over bell schedules and the ability to make changes as needed. Her reaction after only four months of using EPIC System? “The system indeed far exceeded my expectations. It’s extremely user-friendly and non-intimidating.”Teachers also appreciate the system, reporting, “I love how we can change the bells. The paging system sounds clear.”

An additional benefit she found is the ability to prerecord messages. Whether for assisting with the Pledge of Allegiance on a busy morning or covering a drill when Ms. Brockwell is unavailable, an audio file is ready to play. These recordings ensure the school can run smoothly, even in her absence.

EPIC System also includes the benefit of SAFE System™. Emergency situations require quick and effective communication, and with SAFE System, the school administration can receive immediate notifications. As Ms. Brockwell explains, “When it comes to safety, minutes count.”

Classroom Audio

In addition to EPIC System, South Lake installed Classroom Audio Systems. Teachers shared that all the students can hear them, and they don’t have to speak as loudly. “I like that all of my students can hear me with no problem. They seem to pay attention more and respond well when I use the microphone. I really like it!” One teacher pointed out how it helped when calling for cleanup and getting students to hear during lineup when the noise level is higher.

Teachers also noticed that some students participate and speak up more when using the Mic360™ in conjunction with the classroom system. One teacher said, “It has benefited my students that have difficulty projecting their voice. I have a student that is more willing to participate in classroom discussions, utilizing the [Mic360], because she will not be asked to repeat herself or to speak up.”

Audio Enhancement wants to enhance education and ease the difficulties educators face, whether it’s with schoolwide communication or classroom audio systems.  We are grateful to partner with schools like South Lake Elementary in accomplishing that goal for their faculty, staff, and students.