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Why Use Classroom Audio?

All students deserve to hear their teacher despite where they’re sitting, and with Audio Enhancement’s Classroom Audio System, they can! Four evenly distributed speakers allow the teacher’s voice to be clearly heard when spoken into the wearable microphone. A handheld student microphone also allows students to be heard.

Optimum System

  • Network connectivity – Advanced network compatibility provides integrated communications with the school network and EPIC System™
  • Two-way communication – Provides SIP compatibility to facilitate full-duplex communications between the classroom and main office
  • Secondary power source – PoE (Power over Ethernet) is utilized to ensure that network communication remains active even during a power outage

Compatible With

GL-300 System

  • Page Mute – Connects easily to existing paging systems to mute all local audio during an announcement
  • Plenum Rated – Install the GL-300 out of sight above the finished ceiling, in an enclosure or in a cabinet
  • Connects easily – The GL-300 features RS-232 control with built-in event engine to provide control for the entire audio/visual classroom system

Compatible With

Sentinel System

  • Advanced solution for teacher and student voice amplification
  • Eco Mode automatically reduces power when no signal is present
  • Supports an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) such as a personal FM transmitter

Compatible With

Mini Media System

  • Flexible The amplifier can be mounted anywhere based on your need
  • Crystal-clear sound Experience ideal audio for your multimedia devices
  • Truly affordable Fits any budget

Compatible With


  • All-in-one audio solution for voice amplification
  • Bluetooth-enabled speaker for enhanced multimedia playback
  • Designed with flexible installation on interactive displays, walls, and tabletops

Compatible With

  • ``Since I got an Audio Enhancement system my throat is spared and my students can hear everything I say. I love my system!``
- Ms. Keranne Dayberry - 1st Grade Teacher - American Perparatory Academy - Draper, UT

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