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Signal Alert For Education

SAFE (Signal Alert For Education) System™ is an alert and notification solution that connects teachers and classrooms to first responders for quick response and communication. The integration of SAFE System with the Teacher Microphone gives teachers a personal duress button, providing the ability to send alerts instantly, from anywhere in the school. The office staff is able to discreetly acknowledge the alert, letting teachers know that help is on the way. The web-based interface gives administrators the ability to provide direction and maintain situational awareness of the entire campus, even in the most challenging emergency conditions. When seconds count, SAFE System is there to help!

Safe Administrative Package

  • Bring peace of mind to the front office personnel
  • Silently activate an alarm without escalating a situation
  • Notify first responders with detailed location information

Compatible With

Safe Classroom System

  • Full integration with select Audio Enhancement classroom systems
  • Built-in alert button on the Teacher Microphone to send a discreet signal for help
  • Send alerts to network for a prompt, appropriate response to any situation

Compatible With

  • ``The SAFE System is the single greatest use of school district funds to ensure that each and every student comes back through that door at home each night.``
- Dr. William Roberts - Former Superintendent - Nye County School District, NV

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