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Individual Components

Balanced Output Adapter

The Balanced Output Adapter (BOA) is used to aid installations. The BOA can be used with third-party amplifiers and Audio Enhancement’s Classroom Audio System.

Hydra II Adapter

The Hydra II Adapter (HYD-II) simplifies connections between existing amplifiers and Audio Enhancement classroom systems.


The Mic360™ is the perfect tool to add some fun interaction to your classroom audio system. Encourage students to actively participate in classroom discussions while ensuring that every student can be heard. Works with Audio Enhancement’s XD Teacher Microphone.

Handheld Mic Holder

The Handheld Microphone Holder can be installed on walls, next to a teacher’s desk, or on a mobile cart. It is designed to hold the XD or IR Handheld Microphone.

XD Microphone Charger

With dual USB ports, the XD Microphone Charger simultaneously charges two microphones. Once the battery is charged to the optimum point, it then switches to a maintenance charge mode.

IR Microphone Charger

The IR Microphone Charger can charge both the IR Teacher Microphone and the IR Handheld Microphone simultaneously. It is compatible with the intelligent charging system installed in both microphones that prevent batteries from being damaged due to overcharging.


AVConnect uses the latest HDBaseT™ technology to extend uncompressed HDMI/VGA video, audio, USB 2.0, device control and 100 watts of power over a single CAT6 cable up to 328 feet. The included USB 2.0 connection allows for the extension of USB from a teacher workstation to remotely control interactive displays and boards. AVConnect also supports Audio Enhancement’s AV Touch Wall Control, allowing for control of Audio Enhancement amplifiers and/or remotely located displays.

MS-250 Interface

The MS-250 Network Interface allows Audio Enhancement amplifiers to connect to the school’s network infrastructure. This device can transmit an alert from the teacher’s microphone. This information can be sent automatically with location information to a first responder’s desk, computer, mobile device, and cell phone.


The XDSolo is a complete wireless sound system using DECT Technology. This portable speaker system emits crystal clear audio in any location. With built-in Voice Priority, the system will automatically lower the volume of music when a person speaks into a paired XD microphone. Connect an unlimited number of Companion Speakers to the XDSolo for increased audio range. Made for maximum portability, this system has built-in rechargeable batteries, an easy-to-carry handle, a tripod mount and a flat base for setting on any surface.

AV Touch Wall Control

The AV Touch Wall Control (ITC-1) is a programmable 3.5″ wall panel for use with controllable amplifiers, such as the GL-300 or MS-450. The digital interface gives installers the flexibility to customize the buttons in each classroom to be perfectly suited to any compatible devices in the room. Teachers can use the one-touch buttons to power on or off any connected device.

WPA-01 Wall Plate

The WPA-01 Wall Plate expands the communication between classrooms and the office using an ambient microphone.

WPA-02 Wall Plate

The WPA-02 Wall Plate includes Call and Emergency buttons, along with an ambient microphone, to expand communication between classrooms and the office.

WPA-03 Wall Plate

The WPA-03 Wall Plate expands the features of the CA-30 Amplifier. It provides an audio input for multi-media devices and a Line Level Output for sending audio to the teacher’s computer or an Assistive Listening Device (ALD).

WPA-04 Wall Plate

The WPA-04 expands communication between classrooms and the office through a call button and an ambient microphone.

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