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BEAM is an all-in-one classroom audio enhancement system. It features Audio Enhancement’s industry-leading XD microphone technology with an integrated amplifier, speaker, Bluetooth®, and multimedia capabilities. BEAM can be integrated with any flat panel display, whether it is mounted on a mobile cart or mounted to a wall. BEAM is unique in the market because it can easily be expanded by adding external classroom speakers directly to the internal amplifier further enhancing audio quality and distribution.

Compatible With



Place BEAM anywhere using the flat base or industry-standard VESA mounts.


Clear Sound

Experience ideal audio for your multimedia devices.



Fits any budget!

System Components


BEAM is an all-encompassing classroom audio solution designed to mount to panels and displays. Integrate audio in the classroom without the need to retrofit rooms. With Audio Enhancement’s amplifier and receiver combo and Bluetooth integration, BEAM will bring classrooms into the next generation of enhanced learning.

XD Microphone

The XD Teacher Microphone is a wearable microphone that uses specialized technology to allow the teacher’s voice to be clearly heard in all learning environments.

Optional Upgrades

XD Handheld Mic

The XD Handheld Microphone empowers students, ensuring they will be heard by evenly distributing their voice throughout the classroom.


The Mic360™ is the perfect tool to add some fun interaction to your classroom audio system. Ensure every student is heard and encourage classroom discussions. Mic360 utilizes the Audio Enhancement’s XD Teacher Microphone.

VIEWpath Video

The XD Teacher Microphone is a wearable microphone that uses an accurate mic and DECT technology to transmit a teacher’s voice clearly. The XD Receiver is the receiving center for XD classroom microphones. This device receives audio signals and transmits the signals to Audio Enhancement’s speakers. The XD Receiver is equipped with three channels, two for microphones and one for wireless multimedia.

SAFE System

The SAFE (Signal Alert For Education) System™ is a notification system designed to work in junction with Audio Enhancement’s Teacher Microphones. Using the built-in alert button on the microphone, a teacher can discreetly send a signal for help to office staff from anywhere in the building.

EPIC System

The EPIC (Education Paging & Intercom Communications) System™ is an all-in-one school communication software. With the ability to change bell schedules on the fly, page any room, control anything with an RS-232 port and more, EPIC System is the powerhouse of front-office technology.

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